Lamor Corporation and SCATMAN Ltd. Develop Oil Spill Mobile Application

Helsinki, November 6, 2014 – Lamor Corporation and SCATMAN Ltd. have signed a cooperation agreement for the development of an exclusive mobile application to support the service actions of Lamor’s oil spill response equipment. Moreover, as a part of the agreement Lamor will promote and sell SCATMAN’s electronic tools for oil spill preparedness and response worldwide.

Lamor’s new mobile service application will recognize Lamor’s equipment with an innovative matrix barcode known as a Quick Response Code (QR-code) embedded in the device which transmits the service actions needed for maintenance and continued long-term operational usage and performance of the Lamor equipment.

Completed service operations are confirmed in the mobile application and then updated to the device’s service history in the database. Equipment locations with service status and updates are also displayed on a global map. The new tailored Lamor maintenance and service application will utilize the SCATMAN service platform.

SCATMAN tools have been customized also for SCAT method (Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique) that is used for oil spill preparedness and response planning. SCATMAN’s approach substitutes manual on location field data collection with the new mobile application that transfers the collected SCAT data automatically with precise location coordinates and photos to web-service and map-based presentation. Lamor will promote and market the SCAT method as part of Lamor’s oil spill response services.

Lamor and SCATMAN will demonstrate the new Lamor Service Application at the upcoming CleanGulf exhibition in San Antonio, Texas (USA), December 2-4, 2014.

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