Lamor Hydraulic Power-pack (LPP) 6 HA and 7 HA with C75

The LPP 6 HA/C75 is a compact multi-purpose hydraulic power unit, coupled to a powerful transfer pump. Power is provided by a single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine generating 5.4 kW @ 3600 rpm. The LPP 6 HA/C75 is equipped with electric start as standard and manual start as back-up. The LPP 6 HA can be equipped with spark arrestor and Chalwyn safety shut down valve. The LPP6 HA/C75 comprises one hydraulic circuit capable of pumping 3 l/min at 150 bar, hydraulic flow is controlled by a valve located on the hydraulic pump body. The LPP 6 HA/C75 provides ample power for operation of the Lamor range of skimmers. Moreover, the LPP 6 HA/C75 can also be used to power the Lamor Light Boom Reel. The integral Spate C75 pump is a self-priming double diaphragm pump with a maximum capacity of 30 m³/h through 63.5 mm/2.5 inch (75 mm/3 inch option) inlet and discharge Camlock couplings. The Spate C75 can handle solids up to 6mm in size; all seals are constructed from synthetic rubber for protection against all oils encountered. The LPP6 HA/C75 is mounted on a tough and portable steel double wheeled site chassis with collapsible handle allowing for easy deployment. If more capacity and power is required, while maintaining the same features and integral Spate C75 pump, the Hydraulic Power Pack LPP 7HA with C75 is recommended.

Technical Specifications

Length, mm 895 940
Width, mm 900 985
Height, mm 730 780
Weight, kg 130 150
Hydraulic circuits, pcs 1 1
Hydraulic flow, l/min 3 10
Hydraulic pressure, bar 150 150
Power, kW 5.4 7.3
Hydraulic oil tank capacity, l 3 8
Fuel tank capacity, l 5 5
Delivery head, m 30 30
Suction lift, m 9.1 9.1
Wheels Yes Yes
Automatic shut down Optional Optional

Features & Benefits

  • compact, multipurpose hydraulic power unit
  • integrated oil transfer pump
  • portable, on wheels
  • can power Minimax skimmers, light boom reels
  • capacity tested by Bureau Veritas