Lamor Hydraulic Power-packs (LPP) 23, 35 and 58

The LPP 23 is containerized within a steel frame designed to ensure a good circulation for the air cooled diesel engine. The power-pack is equipped with electric start (spring or hydraulic start optional) and incorporates control panel and hydraulic oil cooler in the framework and spark arrestor as standard. The LPP 23 utilizes a proportional hydraulic valve system enabling easy adjustment of the flow of oil to the supplied components. The flow will always remain set even when the pressure varies according to consumption. The LPP 23 is equipped with four point lifting rings and forklift channels making it easy to handle on land or offshore. For safety reasons, the hydraulic power-pack is equipped with an automatic shut down system. If a malfunction should occur, the engine operation will be shut down.

Technical Specifications

A few examples of Lamors product range.

Length, mm 1345 1330 1600
Width, mm 810 800 1050
Height, mm 1100 1000 1340
Weight, kg 530 570 900
Hydraulic flow, l/min 73 110 160
Hydraulic pressure, bar 180 180 210
Power, kW 23 35 58