Lamor Boom Towing Boat (LBTW) 9500

The LBTW 9500 are specially designed for heavy duty working conditions in rough sea. The protective control station in the center of the vessel features good all-round visibility for the crew. Boom handling features, which were the main targets of focus when these vessels were designed, include characteristics such as high bollard pull of approx. 2.8 tons, good maneuver- ability, safe working conditions, quick release towing hook and reliable technical components. The LBTW 9500 is designed to tow and push a variety of marine equipment and oil booms. The vessel is designed to work in coastal areas and outside sea ports or in connection to a mother ship. This vessel in seawater resistant aluminum is designed and constructed according to Nordic Workboats Standard (NBS), and is delivered with a recognized classification society’s certificate. To ensure an excellent maneuverability, the main propulsion system consists of two diesel engines connected trough marine reduction gears and shaft arrangements to fixed-pitch propellers. The vessel is capable of operating in 3 – 5 foot short interval seas in a minimum water depth of approx. 5 ft.The LBTW 9500 is equipped with two diesel engines rated at 306 kW (410hp) @2100 rpm to reach 5 ton bollard pull. Coupling twin disk M G5075A2.88:1 SAE2. Exhaust will exit from stern and will be fitted with a properly sized muffler. Machinery is DNV certified. The engine is keel cooled. Navigational aids, electrical and lighting systems are provided according to agreed certification. A towing arm is installed on the aft deck, arm swivels approx. 117 degrees to insure safety of crew and vessel at a 5 metric tons pull. The towing arm is fitted with a manual safety release system (certified) that can be operated from inside the wheel house. The raised wheelhouse with swinging door access from aft deck is thermally insulated and equipped with console panel with operation and navigation equipment. The dry weight of the boat is 8100 kg, operational weight with tanks full and crew of two is approx. 9150 kg. Four-point lifting arrangement with low lifting point (1850 mm above the deck) is included.

Technical Specifications

(Prod. code # 12B10 – P1605)

LBTW 9500
Length, mm 9500
Width, mm 3300
Weight dry, kg 8100
Draft, mm 1300
Fuel tank capacity, l 300 l
Speed 15 knots
Power, hp 2 x 410 hp