Lamor Minimax (LMM) 12

The LMM 12 is a light, portable suction-type oil skimmer, designed to recover oil from shorelines, harbors, rivers and lakes. The LMM 12 uses the well proven Lamor brush wheel system, which combines high oil recovery capacity with a low free water pick-up rate. The LMM 12 has proven its efficiency in continuous recovery operations in hundreds of oil spills, in all conditions and varying types of spilled oil. Moreover, its capacity is certified by Bureau Veritas.
The LMM 12, weighing only 28 kg, is a hand portable skimmer with a recovery rate of up to 19.6 m³/hr (ASTM F 631-99). The certified maximum capacity in ideal conditions is 45.4 m³/hr. The brush wheels will recover any floating oils which remain fluid.
The LMM 12 is entirely hydraulic and is supplied complete with a diesel powered hydraulic power pack and all necessary ancillary equipment. The unit should be connected to an effective suction pump or vacuum system. Optionally the power pack can be operated by electricity, gasoline or diesel.

Technical Specifications

Length, mm 840
Width, mm 665
Height, mm 370
Weight, kg 28
Draft, mm 120
Certified capacity, m³/h 45,4*
Free water collected, % <5
Hydraulic flow (skimmer only), l/min 1-3
Hydraulic pressure, bar 60-100
Power requirement, kW 0.3
*Capacity related to pump selection

Preferred package solution

Usage Areas




nearshore harbor