Minimax (MM) 25

The Minimax 25 is a light-weight, modular free floating oil skimmer that requires no tools.

The Minimax 25 utilizes oleophilic brush, disc or drum recovery banks and is designed to recover oil from inland waters, lakes, rivers, shoreline, and nearshore environments including Arctic scenarios.

Technical Specifications

Length 852 mm 34 in
Width 853 mm 34 in
Height 464 mm 18 in
Weight 22.5 kg 50 lbs
Draft 128 mm 5 in
Capacity w/ Brush Wheel 26.8 m³/h* 118 gpm*
Hydraulic Flow 1-3 l/min 0.3-0.8 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure 60-100 bar 970-1450 psi
Power Requirement <0.5 kW <0.7hp
Free Water Collected w/ Brush <2%
* Capacity related to pump selection


  • Portable and light weight
  • Modular System (Brush, Disc, or Drum Recovery Wheel)
  • No Tools Necessary
  • Low Power Requirement
  • Shallow Draft
  • Easy to use

Usage Areas



nearshore harbor