Soil & Water Treatment

Lamor Soil & Water Treatment Services provides water and soil treatment services globally. Lamor uses patented EKO/GRID™ Technology* which utilizes electrokinetic and electrochemical phenomena to remove organic pollutants, such as aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons. What makes EKO/GRID™ Technology unique is its ability to initiate oxidation of the pollutants by using a pulsing voltage.

EKO/GRID™ Technology is highly cost efficient and suitable for treating wide range of waste types from polluted industrial sites to tank bottom sludge. Technology can be applied both in situ and ex situ. Possibility for in situ treatment enables remarkable cost savings when the excavation and transportation of polluted land are not needed. Other advantages of the technology include scalability for different waste volumes, fast and simple installation and low energy consumption which offers the possibility to use alternative energy sources, such as solar power. Process is also proven to be environmentally friendly, fast, stable and non-sensitive to external factors.

Safety and sustainability is paramount at Lamor. Therefore, the utilization of low voltage and no chemicals with any harmful or hazardous effects on humans and wildlife is incorporated. Technology has been used successfully in more than 10 countries and currently there are almost 20 different ongoing projects.


*) EKO/GRID™ Technology is patented by Eko Harden Technologies Oy